University of Illinois Press Privacy Policy*

The University of Illinois Press honors the privacy of all visitors to our Web site, whether they are browsing, researching, ordering books or examination copies, subscribing to journals, joining our mailing list, or blogging. Our practices and policies are as follows:

Email Addresses are collected when products are ordered, as an aid to order fulfillment. They are also collected when visitors opt-in to receive our email newsletters. These email addresses are not sold, exchanged, or otherwise shared with third parties. Subscribers to email newsletters may follow an opt-out link that appears on every mailing, should they wish to end the subscription.

Tracking software on our web server does not collect the email addresses of visitors to our site. It collects only the domain name of visitors’ computers. We do not use cookies technology to track the activity of individual visitors. We make use of cookies in our shopping cart, but that information is stored on the visitor’s computer, rather than our server. Information stored in cookies is never accessed except in the automated processing of a submitted order.

Postal addresses are collected from customers (USPS addresses only) and added to a mailing list sometimes used for announcing new books or journals. To have your name removed from future mailings, submit your request in writing (via email or U.S. mail) to:

ATTN: Direct Marketing Manager
1325 South Oak St.
Champaign, IL   61820-6903

Please include the following information:

Individual Name      
Street address as it appeared on the mailing
and/or Email
If available, please include a copy of the mailing label.


*Read the full University of Illinois Web Privacy Notice