Acquisitions Editorial

Willis G. Regier, Director
Lincoln Studies, Literature, Translations, Sports History, Food Studies
(217) 244-0728, email

Beethoven Sketchbook Series
Heartland Foodways
The History of Emotions
The Knox College Lincoln Studies Center
The Lemann Institute for Brazilian Studies Series
Modern Masters of Science Fiction
Sport and Society
Studies in Sensory History
Topics in the Digital Humanities
The Urban Agenda

Kathy O'Neill, Assistant to the Director
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Laurie Matheson, Editor-in-Chief
History, Appalachian Studies, Labor Studies, Music, Folklore
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African American Music in Global Perspective
American Composers
Bach Perspectives
Disability Histories
Folklore Studies in a Multicultural World
Music in American Life
New Perspectives on Gender in Music
Studies of World Migrations
The Working Class in American History
Women Composers

Daniel Nasset, Acquisitions Editor
Communication and Information, Film and Media, Military History, Anthropology
(217) 244-5182, email

Contemporary Film Directors
The Geopolitics of Information
The History of Communication
The History of Military Occupation
Interpretations of Culture in the New Millennium
Women and Film History International

Dawn Durante, Acquisitions Editor
African American Studies, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, American Studies, Religion
(217) 265-8491, email

The Asian American Experience
Dissident Feminisms
Feminist Media Studies
Global Studies of the United States
Latinos in Chicago and the Midwest
NWSA/University of Illinois First Book Prize
The New Black Studies Series
New Visions in Womanism, Feminism, and Indigeneity
Women, Gender, and Sexuality in American History

Marika Christofides, Assistant Acquisitions Editor
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Amanda Wicks, Assistant Acquisitions Editor
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Alice Ennis, Chief Financial Officer
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Sandra Sullivan, Accounts Receivable
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Glen Simpson, Facilities/Warehouse Manager
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Jenn Barbee, Accounts Payable
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Editorial, Design, and Production

Jennifer L. Comeau (formerly Reichlin), Assistant Director and Editorial, Design, Production Manager
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Manuscript Editorial

Jennifer Clark, Assistant Managing Editor
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Tad Ringo, Senior Editor
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Dustin Hubbart, Art Director
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Jennie Holzner, Designer
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Kris Ding, Production Manager
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Lisa Connery, Desktop Publisher/Coordinator
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Kirsten Dennison, Desktop Publisher/Coordinator
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Tamara Shidlauski, Production Coordinator
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Jim Proefrock, Desktop Publisher


Michael Roux, Marketing Manager
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Lynda Schuh, Sales and Digital Content Manager
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Ami Reitmeier, Sales Assistant
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Roberta Sparenberg, Sales and Publicity Assistant
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Denise Peeler, Direct Marketing & Advertising Manager
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Margo Chaney, Exhibits Manager
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Steve Fast, Publicity Manager
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Kevin Cunningham, Copywriter and Catalog Coordinator
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Angela Burton, Rights & Permissions and Awards Manager
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I.T. Department

Paul Arroyo, Electronic Publisher
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Louis Mesker, Manager of Information Technology
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Leslie DeLucia, Database Administrator
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Bob Repta, Web Programmer
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Clydette Wantland, Journals Manager
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Jeff McArdle, Associate Journals Manager
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Alexa Colella, Journals Marketing Manager
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Heather Munson, Senior Production Editor
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Stephanie Turza, Journals Production Editor
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Kate Kemball, Journals Production Editor
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Cheryl Jestis, Journals Circulation Manager
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