Final Submission Checklist



Acquiring Editor:____________________________________________________

Instructions: Please print, complete, and return this form with your final manuscript. This document is also available as a Word file.


____ Book will have (check all relevant) (near-final drafts of all items must be included at this time)
  ____ dedication
  ____ foreword
  ____ preface
  ____ acknowledgments
  ____ introduction
  ____ appendixes
  ____ tables
  ____ contributor bios (edited collections only)
  ____ illustrations (see Illustrations below)
  ____ redrawn maps (map labels and source maps must be included)
____ One printout of the manuscript is provided, unbound and consecutively paginated.
____ One electronic copy of the complete final text is provided.
____ As relevant, captions, map labels, and tables are in separate documents.
____ File names describe each document’s contents (for example, Captions.doc, MainText.doc or Chapter6.doc).
____ Printout and electronic copy match exactly.
____ Manuscript contains no tracked changes (word-processing tool) or handwritten corrections.
____ Reference style is indicated here (circle or write: CMS, MLA, APA, AAA, ______________).
____ Names are exactly the way that you want them to appear on the title page.
____ Chapter titles exactly match those listed in the table of contents.
____ Author names match in the contributors list, in the table of contents, and on the first page of the book chapter (anthologies and edited volumes only).
____ Placeholders (“callouts”) for any tables, maps, or illustrations are in the main text. For example: <insert table 2 near here> and <insert fig. 1 near here> appear in the main text, table 2 is in a separate document (titled Table2.doc or grouped with other tables in Table.doc), and fig. 1 is in a separate file (titled Fig1.tif). If some illustrations will be grouped together, callouts for those illustrations are not necessary, but do use numbering so we know the desired order.
____ Source information is complete in the notes and bibliography.


The manuscript quotes significantly from your own previously published work.
The manuscript quotes significantly from others’ work.
The manuscript uses illustrations created by others.
Each permission form is signed, dated, and clearly labeled with
your name and book title;
the name of the person or institution granting permission;
the part of your project the permission covers (e.g., chapter 2, interview quoted in chapters 3 & 5, fig. 6);
proof that payment has been made.
A completed electronic Permissions Inventory ( is included.


Illustrations include charts, diagrams, maps, photos, music, etc. For full details on obtaining and preparing usable art, read our Art Guidelines (http:/

____ Illustrations are numbered consecutively, by type if relevant (Fig1.tif, Fig2.tif, etc.;; Chart1.eps; etc.).
____ If the Press is drawing maps for your book, payment has been discussed.
____ Credit lines (“Courtesy of”) or source details (for example, “First published in” or “Redrawn from”) appear in the captions or in a separate list for the back of the book. Instructions for the wording and placement of credit lines are often found on permission agreements.
____ A completed electronic art inventory is provided.
____ If you are providing some images in hard copy only (for example, glossy prints), each original is labeled by number. Write with a pencil on the labels before you affix them. Do not use a pen, paperclips, or adhesive tape. Do not write directly on the prints.
____ If you are providing some illustrations electronically, each one is in .tif, .jpeg, or .eps format and is at least 300 dpi at 5" x 7" (that is, minimum dimensions of 1500 x 2100 pixels).
____ Have you discussed cover art with your editor?
  ____ If you have suggested an image already being used in the book, give the corresponding figure number here.
  ____ If you have suggested an image for the cover that is not being used in your book, include a print or electronic file and label as “cover suggestion 1” and so on.