Cover for KACHRU: The Alchemy of English: The Spread, Functions, and Models of Non-native Englishes

The Alchemy of English

The Spread, Functions, and Models of Non-native Englishes

"What emerges from Kachru's fine work is the potential demarcation of an entire field, rather than merely the fruitful exploration of a topic. . . . [Kachru] is to be congratulated for having taken us as far as he already has and for doing so in so stimulating and so productive a fashion."
-- World Englishes

"A potent addition to theoretical, sociolinguistic, attitudinal and methodological explorations vis-à-vis the spread and functions of, and innovations in, English from the viewpoint of a non-Western scholar."
-- The Language Teacher

Winner of the Joint First Prize, Duke of Edinburgh English Language Book Competition of the English-Speaking Union of the Commonwealth, 1987

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