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One Hundred Middle English Lyrics

Stevick's classic work remains the only text of its kind aimed at fostering the linguistic competence necessary to understand its poems in Middle English. The wide range of lyric poems in the book are normalized to a Chaucerian dialect. The introduction has been revised to take into account the scholarship and criticism published since the first edition appeared in 1964. It gives the background for the poetry, explains how and why the texts are normalized, and reviews significant critical scholarly studies of the works. Included is a section on morphology and grammar that introduces students to the language of the lyrics, and a section on the evolving meter of Middle English.

"A fine piece of work. . . . Learned, wide-ranging, and judicious."
-- John B. Friedman, author of The Monstrous Races in Medieval Art and Thought

"An impressive collection. Stevick's decision to normalize the texts makes it highly accessible."
-- Ralph Hanna III, University of California, Riverside

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