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Conservative Counterrevolution

Challenging Liberalism in 1950s Milwaukee

A forceful account of right-wing opposition to the postwar New Deal

In the 1950s, Milwaukee's strong labor movement and socialist mayor seemed to embody a dominant liberal consensus that sought to expand the New Deal. Tula A. Connell explores how business interests and political conservatives arose to undo that consensus, and how the resulting clash both shaped a city and helped redefine postwar American politics.

Connell focuses on Frank Zeidler, the city's socialist mayor. Zeidler's broad concept of the public interest at times defied even liberal expectations. At the same time, a resurgence of conservatism with roots presaging twentieth-century politics challenged his initiatives in public housing, integration, and other areas. As Connell shows, conservatives created an anti-progressive game plan that included a well-funded media and PR push; an anti-union assault essential to the larger project of delegitimizing any government action; opposition to civil rights; and support from a suburban silent majority. In the end, the campaign undermined notions of the common good essential to the New Deal order. It also sowed the seeds for grassroots conservatism's more extreme and far-reaching future success.

A forceful account of postwar urban politics, Conservative Counterrevolution reveals how historical trends often documented at the national level first played out on the ground in a great American city.

"A history that has been hiding in plain sight. . . . Connell's book is a vital study of the roots of modern American conservatism."--In These Times

"Conservative Counterrevolution will make a significant impact upon the historical profession and the public at large. This is a great book."--Andrew E. Kersten, author of Clarence Darrow: American Iconoclast

"Tula Connell's gripping account of postwar Milwaukee shows how intertwined the fates of New Deal liberalism, modern conservatism, and trade unionism were. A must read for anyone interested in understanding the origins of the recent Wisconsin protests and Scott Walker's popularity." --Elizabeth Tandy-Shermer, author of Sunbelt Capitalism: Phoenix and the Transformation of American Politics

Tula A. Connell is a labor writer and historian living in Washington, D.C.

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