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Women & Gender Studies

link to catalog page WRIGHT, Black Girlhood in the Nineteenth Century Author: Nazera Sadiq Wright
Pub Date: October 2016

How unlikely literary characters paved the way for black citizenship and progress   learn more...

link to catalog page BRIER, Connexions


Histories of Race and Sex in North America

Author: Edited by Jennifer Brier, Jim Downs, and Jennifer L. Morgan
Pub Date: October 2016

New ways of viewing the tableau of history   learn more...

link to catalog page ADELL, Contemporary Plays by African American Women Author: Edited by Sandra Adell
Pub Date: January 2016

Groundbreaking twenty-first-century works for classes, actors, and theatergoers   learn more...

link to catalog page MCLEOD, Daughter of the Empire State

Daughter of the Empire State

The Life of Judge Jane Bolin

Author: Jacqueline A. McLeod
Pub Date: Cloth: 2011; Paper: August 2016

The trailblazing work of the first African American woman judge   learn more...

link to catalog page CHOWDHURY, Dissident Friendships

Dissident Friendships

Feminism, Imperialism, and Transnational Solidarity

Author: Edited by Elora Halim Chowdhury and Liz Philipose
Pub Date: October 2016

Women enacting friendship across multiple borders   learn more...

link to catalog page HOLMES, Ecological Borderlands

Ecological Borderlands

Body, Nature, and Spirit in Chicana Feminism

Author: Christina Holmes
Pub Date: November 2016

Chicana feminists and their coalitions with human, nature, and spirit others   learn more...

link to catalog page LAUSE, Free Spirits

Free Spirits

Spiritualism, Republicanism, and Radicalism in the Civil War Era

Author: Mark A. Lause
Pub Date: July 2016

Enlisting the dead to change the world of the living   learn more...

link to catalog page MCKINNON, Gendered Asylum

Gendered Asylum

Race and Violence in U.S. Law and Politics

Author: Sara L. McKinnon
Pub Date: September 2016

The winding, still-unfinished road to justice for women seeking asylum   learn more...

link to catalog page MEYER, Manhood on the Line

Manhood on the Line

Working-Class Masculinities in the American Heartland

Author: Stephen Meyer
Pub Date: April 2016

Grinding out new ideas of masculinity in the twentieth century   learn more...

link to catalog page CANAVAN, Octavia E. Butler Author: Gerry Canavan
Pub Date: December 2016

An outsider's journey to literary acclaim   learn more...

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