For the books that have already been published in the series, please see our Books page.

Coming soon:

Sandra Grady: “Improvised Adolescence: A Study of Identity Formation among Somali Bantu Teenage Refugees” (University of Wisconsin Press)

Natalia Khanenko-Friesen: “Ukrainian Otherlands: Diaspora, Homeland, and Folk Imagination in the Twentieth Century” (University of Wisconsin Press)

Other workshopped projects include:

Lee Bidgood: “Bluegrass in the Czech Republic” (Univ. of Illinois Press)

Benjamin Gatling: “Post Soviet and Sufi: Islam and Expressive Culture in Tajikistan” (Univ. of Wisconsin Press)

Bradley Hanson: “Tuned Our Way: Music, Memory, and Heritage in East Tennessee” (Univ of Illinois Press)

Diana N’Diaye: “The Will to Adorn: African American Dress and the Aesthetics of Identity” (Univ. Press of Mississippi)

Grete Viddal: “Vodú Chic: Cuba’s Haitian Heritage, the Folkloric Imaginary, and the State” (Univ. Press of Mississippi)

Alina Dana Weber: “Tradition and Community in German Karl May Festivals” (Univ. of Wisconsin Press)

Ian Brodie: “A Vulgar Art: A Folkloristic Approach to Stand-Up Comedy” (Univ. Press of Mississippi)

Fiona-Jane Brown: “Faith, Fear and Folk Narrative: Belief and Identity in Scottish Fishing Communities” (Univ. of Wisconsin Press)

Anthony Buccitelli: “Remembering Our Town: Social Memory, Folklore, and Locality in Ethnic Neighborhoods” (Univ. of Wisconsin Press)

Celia Cain: “Native Resonance: Native American Popular Music in the Shadow of Colonialism” (University Press of Mississippi)

Robert Dobler: “Alternative Memorials: Death and Memory in Modern America” (University of Wisconsin Press)

John Eastlake: “Jeremiah Curtin and the Myth-Makers” (University of Wisconsin Press)

Elaine Eff: “Picture Windows: The Painted Screens of Baltimore and Their Lost History” (University Press of Mississippi)

Joy Fraser: “Addressing the Haggis: Culture and Contestation in the Making of Scotland’s National Dish” (Univ. of Wisconsin Press)

Valdimar Tr. Hafstein: “Intangible Cultural Heritage. A Creative Experiment in Global Cultural Policy” (University of Illinois Press)

Robin Harris: “The Sakha Olonkho: Safeguarding a Siberian Epic Storytelling Tradition” (University of Illinois Press)

Peter Hoesing: “Kusamira Ritual Music and the Social Reproduction of Wellness in Uganda” (Univ. of Illinois Press)

Nadia Inserra: “Reimagining the Italian South: the Tarantella Music and Dance Revival from Italy to the US” (Univ. of Illinois Press)

Natalia Khanenko-Friesen: “The Folk Connection: Diaspora, Homeland and the Ukrainian ‘Other’ in the 20th Century” (University of Wisconsin Press)

Mark Dustin Knepp: “Unwrapping Tradition: Exploring the Cultural Significance of Tamales and Mexican Foodways in Texas” (University Press of Mississippi)

John Laudun: “Genius Loci: Understanding Creativity in Context” (University Press of Mississippi)

Mark Miyake: “White, Black, Yellow, and Blue: The Discourse on Race within the Bluegrass Music Community” (University of Illinois Press)

Ellen McHale: “Stable Views: Voices and Stories from the Thoroughbred Racetrack” (Univ. Press of Mississippi)

Deirdre Ní Chonghaile: “Coming into Harbor: Irish Traditional Music and the Aran Islands” (University of Wisconsin Press)

Leonard Primiano: “‘The Beauty of His Colours’: The Religious Rugs of ‘Sister’ Ann Ameen” (University of Illinois Press)

Sarah Quick: “Signifying Multicultural Heritage: Native Peoples Fiddling and Jigging in Western North America” (Univ. of Illinois Press)

Russell C. Rodríguez: “Mariachi: Performing the Soundscape of Greater México” (University Press of Mississippi)

Brenda Romero: “The Transcultural Matachines: Creativity and Renewal in the Americas” (University of Illinois Press)

Joan Saverino: “White Lace, Black Coal: Italian Immigrant Women in Appalachia and Those Who Stayed Behind” (Univ. Press of Mississippi)

Claire Schmidt: “Laughter Behind Bars: The Occupational Humor of White Midwestern Prison Workers” (Univ. of Wisconsin Press)

Janice Esther Tulk: “Sounds of Contact: Colonial Encounter, Senses of Place, and Musical Expression in Mi’kmaw Communities” (University of Illinois Press)

Irene Watt: “The Power of the Lullaby” (Univ. Press of Mississippi)

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