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Octavia E. Butler

Gerry Canavan

Slavery at Sea

Terror, Sex, and Sickness in the Middle Passage

Sowande' M. Mustakeem

Goodbye iSlave

A Manifesto for Digital Abolition

Jack Linchuan Qiu

Six Minutes in Berlin

Broadcast Spectacle and Rowing Gold at the Nazi Olympics

Michael J. Socolow

Interactive Journalism

Hackers, Data, and Code

Nikki Usher

Bill Clifton

America's Bluegrass Ambassador to the World

Bill C. Malone

Reverend Addie Wyatt

Faith and the Fight for Labor, Gender, and Racial Equality

Marcia Walker-McWilliams

Civic Labors

Scholar Activism and Working-Class Studies

Edited by Dennis Deslippe, Eric Fure-Slocum, and John W. McKerley

The Third Sector

Community Organizations, NGOs, and Nonprofits

Meghan Elizabeth Kallman and Terry Nichols Clark

Ecological Borderlands

Body, Nature, and Spirit in Chicana Feminism

Christina Holmes

The Sanitation of Brazil

Nation, State, and Public Health, 1889-1930

Gilberto Hochman

The Science of Sympathy

Morality, Evolution, and Victorian Civilization

Rob Boddice

Reading Together, Reading Apart

Identity, Belonging, and South Asian American Community

Tamara Bhalla

The Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger

Volume 4: ’Round the World for Birth Control, 1920-1966

Margaret Sanger Edited by Esther Katz

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The most important race of their lives Excerpted from Six Minutes in Berlin: Broadcast Spectacle and Rowing Gold at the Nazi Olympics, by Michael J. Socolow A few hours later, with the Germans having already compiled one of the most impressive regatta records in Olympic history, Riefenstahl’s … Continue reading

Cole Porter on tour, sort of Master songsmith Cole Porter is no longer around to play command performances or record duets with pop stars. But the music lives on. Yesterday Susan Forscher Weiss, an editor of A Cole Porter Companion (along with Don M. Randel and Matthew Shaftel) … Continue reading

Backlist Bop: Mythbusting an American institution Forbidden Relatives challenges the belief—widely held in the United States—that legislation against marriage between first cousins is based on a biological risk to offspring. In fact, its author maintains, the U.S. prohibition against such unions originated largely because of the … Continue reading

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