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Journal of American Ethnic History

The Journal of American Ethnic History, the official journal of the Immigration and Ethnic History Society, is published quarterly and focuses on the immigrant and ethnic/racial history of the North American people. Scholars are invited to submit manuscripts on the process of migration (including the old world experience as it relates to migration and group life), adjustment and assimilation, group relations, mobility, politics, culture, group identity or other topics that illuminate the North American immigrant and ethnic/racial experience. The editor particularly seeks essays that are interpretive or analytical. Descriptive papers will be considered only if they present new information. Manuscripts must focus on ethnicity, etc. rather than simply ethnicity as part of a discussion on politics, cities, unions, etc. Each journal issue contains articles, review essays and single book reviews. There are also occasional sections on "Research Comments" (short articles that furnish important information for the field, a guide to further research or other significant historical items that will stimulate discussion and inquiry) and "Teaching and Outreach" (essays which focus on innovative teaching methods or outreach efforts). The journal has also published special issues on particular responses from authors on specific topics. Manuscripts, written in English, should be a maximum of 35 pages (including text and notes, both double-spaced and printed in 12-point font). Use end notes, following the Chicago Manual of Style guidelines, and begin these on separate page. Prospective authors also should include a brief 50–100 word bio suitable for the journal's "Notes on Contributors" section and a CD or USB (flash) drive containing files of both the bio and the article, prepared in IBM-compatible MS Word 2003 or 2007 format. Since manuscripts are sent out anonymously for evaluation, the author's name and affiliation should appear only on a separate cover sheet.

Please send all manuscript submissions (in TRIPLICATE) to
Prof. John J. Bukowczyk, Editor, JAEH,
c/o Dept. of History,
3094 Faculty/Administration Bldg.,
Wayne State University,
Detroit, MI 48202 USA.

Authors should be sure to provide their e-mail and mailing addresses. Please note that the journal generally does not consider material previously published in whole or in substantial part, manuscripts already in press, material under consideration elsewhere, or manuscripts rights to which already have been assigned to another publisher or third party.

For more on the Immigration and Ethnic History Society’s mission, see this editorial note.


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