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Launch of ground-breaking journal
Women, Gender, and Families of Color

A ground-breaking scholarly journal has been launched by the University of Illinois Press in cooperation with the University of Kansas. Women, Gender, and Families of Color expands the mission of the now defunct Black Women, Gender, and Families. The new title explicitly includes Black, Latina, Indigenous, and Asian American women, gender, and families. It will maintain an emphasis on examinations of U.S. policies and will encourage transnational comparative analyses. It will more fully integrate gender as an analytic category while strengthening interdisciplinary paradigms for the study of women of color, families, and communities.

Women, Gender, and Families of Color is edited by Professor Jennifer Hamer of the University of Kansas.

“Dramatically changing demographics demand that scholars center the past and present gender and familial experiences of Blacks, Latinos, Indigenous, and Asian Americans,” said Professor Hamer. “Many within these populations persistently maintain institutions and lead cultural and social change. Yet, racialized women and families in the U.S. and abroad have historically known the brunt of austerity measures, crumbling infrastructures, rising costs of education, wealth inequality, and persistent gender, sexuality, and class inequities. As an African American mother, sister, daughter, and partner, I am especially aware of the meaning these circumstances have on the health and development of children, the capacity of parents to provide for their families, and the ability of workers to maintain meaningful employment. African American, Latino, Indigenous, and Asian American women and families serve as a national and global bellwether for our future. WGFC offers a cross-field venue that challenges readers to take seriously their social, cultural, political, and economic significance.”

The Journal, which is to be published bi-annually in the spring and fall, is published by the University of Illinois Press and sponsored by the University of Kansas.

“This journal will shed new light on subjects in which many members of our faculty are deeply interested,” said Danny Anderson, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at KU. “Research projects in the College at KU frequently intersect on topics concerning women, gender, family, and culture, while our esteemed interdisciplinary academic programs explore these fields in the classroom. Our affiliation with Women, Gender, and Families of Color is an excellent opportunity to support and contribute to this growing field of critical knowledge.”

The inaugural issue, due out in early 2013, is a collection of articles that primarily explore various elements of health for midlife and older Latinas and African American women.

To subscribe to Women, Gender, and Families of Color,please visit the journal’s website at

The online edition of Women, Gender, and Families of Color is available via JSTOR at

Contributions to the journal are welcomed and submission guidelines can be found on the journal’s website.

For more press information please contact Jeff McArdle, Associate Journals Manager at the University of Illinois Press, or 217-244-0381.



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