Thursday, November 12, 2020
04:00-06:00 PM CST

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04:00-04:05 PM CST

Joanna Groden is a human geneticist internationally recognized for her research in identifying and characterizing two key genes that cause colon cancer. As UIC Vice Chancellor for Research, she has oversight for all research in the sixteen Colleges of the University of Illinois Chicago, including all operations, finances, and compliance functions required for infrastructure related to research administration.

04:05-04:55 PM CST
"Getting It Written"

Word by word, a blank page becomes a manuscript, a dissertation becomes a book. How does this transformation occur? How do authors find and create time, inspiration, support, and motivation to write? This practical panel will share strategies from experienced authors in the humanities and social sciences, including advice on overcoming the particular challenges of research and writing in a pandemic.

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04:55-05:10 PM CST

05:10-06:00 PM CST
“Getting It Published”

You have completed your dissertation, drafted your article, or prepared your book proposal. How do you identify the right publisher and venue for your work? What is the best way to approach an editor? What questions should you ask, and what questions should you be prepared to answer? Three experienced editors share their top tips for authors, with special focus on how to pitch your project and connect with an editor in a virtual environment.

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Portfolio of Resources

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