Advertising, Awards, and Exhibits


After reviewing the Marketing Questionaire and applying UIP's collective marketing expertise, the Advertising Manager formulates a plan to conform to the budget. Advertisements created for your book will be scheduled to appear after the book's publication date. UIP places approximately 100 ads per year, including journals and conference exhibits ads, and will group your book with other related titles to optimize UIP's promotional dollars.

It is important to understand that advertising is more a promotional tool than a sales tool. Advertisements lead to relatively few direct sales, but those that are carefully targeted put your book and the Illinois publishing program into the public's consciousness, and that does contribute to book sales over the long term.


The MQ asks you to suggest three book awards that seem appropriate for your forthcoming book. UIP's Awards Manager maintains a database of several hundred book awards (information about criteria, deadlines, number of copies required, etc.), and she will consider submitting your book for the three awards that seem best suited to your work. If you think of other awards that seem appropriate after you've completed the MQ, please contact the Awards Manager directly to make additional suggestions or requests. It is UIP policy to not provide submission fees for those awards requiring one. If you have suggested one such award, we do request that the fee be provided at your expense.


We attend approximately thirty major discipline-specific meetings each year at which we staff a booth or table to sell books and meet with authors. Please see the Events Calendar, under Exhibits, for a list of forthcoming exhibits we plan to attend. In most cases, UIP advertises in the conference program. We also send books for display to many other conferences through exhibit companies such as The Scholar's Choice.

The MQ asks about which meetings you usually attend, as well as your anticipated speaking engagements. Whenever possible, we'll make these conferences our top priority for displaying and selling your book. Please contact the Exhibits Manager at least two months in advance of a conference you plan to attend, so that arrangements can be made to display and promote your book. We will try to maximize your book's exposure within budget and scheduling limits.