Internet Marketing

The UIP Web site serves as the organization's primary electronic marketing tool. All of UIP's books in print are cataloged on the Web site with bibliographic information, descriptive copy, and a cover image, as these elements become available. In the months preceding the delivery date of your book, Web visitors may also place a pre-order.

If you participate in any email listservs or blogs, please consider announcing your book at these locations after its delivery date. Be sure to include the UIP Web site URL address in your announcement of the book (the publicity manager will send a link to your book's web page after it is created). Some authors like to include their book's UIP URL in the signature block in all their routine e-mail messages. If you have your own Web site, please link to your book's page on UIP's site to help promote and facilitate sales. If you would like the UIP Web site to feature a link to your Web site, please contact the Direct Mail and Advertising Manager.

The University of Illinois Press has a Blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.  We welcome author contributions to the blog and encourage authors to “Like” the University of Illinois Press Facebook page.

We also participate in Google Book. If you have provided permissions, the bibiliographic information for your book will appear on its own page, your book will be searchable, and snippets of the book will be viewable to searchers on Google's site. Individuals are only allowed to view 10% of the content in a 30 day period from any given IP address. Printing is not allowed from Google Book Search book pages.

See also Internet Booksellers.