Marketing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are your submission guidelines?
  2. Please see the author Welcome page for information.

  3. Will my book have a webpage on the Press website?
  4. Yes. Web pages are created at about the same time that the seasonal catalog is printed. The publicity manager will email the web address (URL) to you when it is available.

  5. How many copies of my book will I get?
  6. The number of copies you will receive gratis is stipulated in your contract. You can also order books at your author discount from our distributor.

  7. How do I order additional books?
  8. Books can be ordered at your author discount from our distributor.

  9. When will my book be available from, B&,, or other internet booksellers?
  10. Books are usually available for pre-order from online retailers four to six weeks after the seasonal catalog appears. In other words, no later than December for books announced in a spring catalog, and June for books announced in a fall catalog. See also the sales page.

  11. What is a publication date? A dock date?
  12. The publication date is the date that the book will be "in stock" and for sale (without being placed on backorder). The dock date is the date that the books arrive at our distribution center. There is usually a 4-6 week period between these dates. See Important Dates for a more detailed description.

  13. What can I do to help publicize my book?
  14. See the Publicity page.

  15. When can I set up a launch, book signing, or other event?
  16. We prefer that you wait to set up special events for your book until after the publication date has been set so that we can make sure books will be available. See Publicity for more information.

  17. Do I need to contact reviewers at magazines and newspapers?
  18. No. Our publicity team will take care of that. See Publicity for more information.

  19. I will be presenting or speaking at a conference. Who do I contact?
  20. Please contact Margo Chaney as soon as you know you will be presenting. See our Exhibits section for more information.

  21. How can I make a correction to my bio?
  22. Please contact Kevin Cunningham.

  23. How do I access my Marketing Questionnaire?
  24. You should receive an email from Roberta Sparenberg with access information. Please email Roberta if you have any questions.

  25. How do I make a change to my Marketing Questionnaire?
  26. Use the same access information that Roberta originally provided. Please email Roberta if you make changes after you've submitted the final version.