Submitting Your Manuscript for Review

When you initially contact the press, please submit a proposal to the appropriate acquisitions editor, and send your manuscript only if requested. Once your acquisitions editor has evaluated your proposal and asked to review your complete manuscript, please send the following materials:
  • One digital copy of your manuscript, consecutively paginated, prepared using a word-processing program (Please send in original format, not as a PDF file.)
  • Copies of any images you anticipate including, placed in their approximate locations within the manuscript.
  • A short abstract of your project.
  • Your current curriculum vitae or résumé.
  • Potential external reviewers for your manuscript.

We do have a policy of exclusive review at the manuscript stage. Please contact your acquisitions editor if you have any questions or concerns about this policy.

Because we are a university press, all of the books we publish go through a peer review process. If your acquisitions editor determines that your manuscript should go out for external review, it will be sent to two anonymous referees. Although we may or may not have occasion to use them, we welcome your suggestions of appropriate potential reviewers who would be in a position to provide an expert and impartial review of your manuscript.

For further suggestions to keep in mind as you prepare your manuscript for review, please consult our suggestions for Preparing the First Draft.