Literature, Spanish & Spanish American

link to catalog page, Brazil and the Dialectic of Colonization Author: Alfredo Bosi
Pub Date: September 2015

The provocative classic in its first-ever English translation   learn more...
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link to catalog page RAMON Y CAJAL, Vacation Stories

Vacation Stories

Five Science Fiction Tales

Author: Santiago Ramón y Cajal
Pub Date: 2006

Written by Nobel Prize-winning Ramón y Cajal and translated into English for the first time by MacArthur Fellow Laura Otis, these five ingenious, early science fiction tales take a politically subversive and wickedly microscopic look at the nature, allure, and danger of scientific curiosity. (Think Jules Verne!)   learn more...
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link to catalog page ZUBIRI, Dynamic Structure of Reality Author: Xavier Zubiri
Pub Date: July 2003

First English translation Spanish philosopher Zubiri’s estructura dinámica de la realidad.   learn more...
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