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Teaching Art, (Re)Imagining Identity

Encouraging art education's role in the construction of a self

A student's personal identity constantly changes as part of the lifelong human process to become someone who matters. Art educators in grades K-16 have a singular opportunity to guide important phases of this development. How can educators create a supportive space for young people to work through the personal and cultural factors influencing their journey?

Laura Hetrick draws on articles from the archives of Visual Arts Research to approach the question. Juxtaposing the scholarship in new ways, she illuminates methods that allow educators to help students explore identity through artmaking; to reinforce identity in positive ways; and to enhance marginalized identities. A final section offers suggestions on how educators can use each essay to engage with students who are imagining, and reimagining, their identities in the classroom and beyond.

Contributors: D. Ambush, M. S. Bae, J. C. Castro, K. Cosier, C. Faucher, K. Freedman, F. Hernandez, L. Hetrick, K. Jenkins, E. Katter, M. Lalonde, L. Lampela, D. Pariser, A. Pérez Miles, M. Richard, and K. Schuler.

Laura Hetrick is an assistant professor of art education at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and the coeditor of the journal Visual Arts Research.

Laura Hetrick is an assistant professor of art education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the coeditor of the journal Visual Arts Research.

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