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Texts for Change

This powerful, important, and controversial collection pushes the limits of criticism and, in so doing, represents the most sophisticated critical thinking being done today. Pedagogy is seen here as more than classroom practices or instructional methods. The authors of these eleven provocative and sometimes disturbing chapters view pedagogy as the act of producing and disseminating knowledge in culture. From this position the writers define all discursive practices as pedagogical, in the sense that they propose a theory of reality.

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Passing and Pedagogy

The Dynamics of Responsibility

Pamela L. Caughie

Citizen Critics

Literary Public Spheres

Rosa A. Eberly


Conversations on the Future of Literary and Cultural Studies

Edited by Donald E. Hall

Journal of Education Finance

Edited by Kern Alexander

Teaching with Tenderness

Toward an Embodied Practice

Becky Thompson

The University of Illinois

Engine of Innovation

Edited by Frederick E. Hoxie

Jobs and the Labor Force of Tomorrow

Migration, Training, Education

Edited by Michael A. Pagano

Civic Labors

Scholar Activism and Working-Class Studies

Edited by Dennis Deslippe, Eric Fure-Slocum, and John W. McKerley

Mere and Easy

Collage as a Critical Practice in Pedagogy

Edited by Jorge Lucero

Who Can Speak?

Authority and Critical Identity

Edited by Judith Roof and Robyn Wiegman

An Illini Place

Building the University of Illinois Campus

Lex Tate and John Franch

Teacher Strike!

Public Education and the Making of a New American Political Order

Jon Shelton

Working Class to College

The Promise and Peril Facing Blue-Collar America

Robert Owen Carr with Dirk Johnson

Sustaining Interdisciplinary Collaboration

A Guide for the Academy

Regina F. Bendix, Kilian Bizer, and Dorothy Noyes

Journal of Aesthetic Education

Edited by Pradeep Dhillon

Confronting AIDS through Literature

The Responsibilities of Representation

Edited by Judith Laurence Pastore

The Family Track

Keeping Your Faculties while You Mentor, Nurture, Teach, and Serve

Edited by Constance Coiner and Diana Hume George

Wounded Lions

Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky, and the Crises in Penn State Athletics

Ronald A. Smith