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Exploring the World of J. S. Bach

A Traveler’s Guide

Following in the footsteps of the great composer

A singular resource, Exploring the World of J. S. Bach puts Bach aficionados and classical music lovers in the shoes of the master composer. Bach scholar Robert L. Marshall and veteran writer-translator Traute M. Marshall lead readers on a Baroque Era odyssey through more than fifty towns where Bach resided, visited, and of course created his works. Drawing on established sources as well as newly available East German archives, the authors describe each site in Bach's time and the present, linking the sites to the biographical information, artistic and historic landmarks, and musical activities associated with each. A wealth of historical illustrations, color photographs, and maps supplement the text, whetting the appetite of the visitor and the armchair traveler alike.

"The book is clear, intelligent, authoritative, and readable. Also, it is stocked with photos. . . . You may wonder whether Robert and Traute Marshall themselves have followed Back through Bach Country. They have. Every step. I wish I had done it with them. But you can do it, in a sense, through this book. . . . I esteem what the Marshalls have done."--Jay Nordlinger, The New Criterion

"Beautifully written and lavishly illustrated, with both modern photographs and 18th-century images, Exploring the World of J.S. Bach is an invaluable guidebook for any traveler wishing to explore Bach's Germany and Germany's Bach. . . . A sophisticated and original piece of scholarship (including a superb bibliography and valuable appendix) which will be of great value to both Bach experts and novices for years to come."--Early Music America

"For the academic, student, or aficionado who might not be able to travel to Germany, this resource provides an excellent gateway into the geopolitical world where Bach lived, produced music as performer and director, and composed."--Notes

"This book deserves a wide audience of both specialists and general readers." --BACH: Journal of the Reiemenschneider Bach Institute

"It is equal parts social history, travelogue, memoir, and biography, making for a surprisingly engaging look at one of the most iconic musicians of all time." --RoguesPortal

"This highly informative, practical, beautifully illustrated, and altogether inviting travel guide to Bach country has no equivalent. Robert and Traute Marshall describe both the principal stations and the lesser known places where Johann Sebastian Bach and members of this distinguished family of musicians lived and worked in a wonderful way. History is truly brought to life for the traveling music lover. Small as it is in terms of geographic extent, Bach's world becomes truly monumental and memorable in this extremely useful book."--Christoph Wolff, author of Johann Sebastian Bach: The Learned Musician

"The vivid descriptions and images of the places where Bach visited or lived, and the latest in musicological research, make this book essential reading for everyone who wants to know more about his music, life, and world."--Mark Kroll, harpsichordist and author of Johann Nepomuk Hummel: A Musician's Life and World

"An extraordinary accomplishment and an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the life and works of J.S. Bach. The authors combine in a single volume the results of the latest research and biographical studies in the form of an illustrated guide of the towns in which Bach lived and which he visited."--Don O. Franklin, Past President, The American Bach Society

Publication of this volume is supported by the American Bach Society

Robert L. Marshall is Sachar Professor Emeritus of Music at Brandeis University. His books include The Compositional Process of J. S. Bach and The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach: The Sources, the Style, the Significance. Traute M. Marshall is the author of Art Museums PLUS: Cultural Excursions in New England and translator of The Classical Style and Brecht in America.

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