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In X=, Stephen Berg winds through the wreck of longing and loss, navigating the strains of curious beauty with flashes of electrifying clarity. Stripping bare the burdens of gnawing, unknowing fear, Berg has found his way into a voice of great energy and spontaneity, into a form of overwhelming urgency and detail.

"Like philosophical thinkers from Aristotle to Woody Allen, Berg . . . frets over the unanswerable questions of human existence, metaphorically suggested by the unfinished equation of his latest collection's title. X= records one man's inward search for the meaning of his own life as he approaches old age. . . . Berg's skill and desperate zeal make reading X= a compelling experience." -- Library Journal

"[Berg explores] difficulty understanding his aging, his fear of women, and the world's changing economic, racial, and sexual politics. Berg . . . dramatizes the speaker's awareness of this difficulty with Zen-like detachment and provides no easy solutions." -- Publishers Weekly "...a beautifully haunting and beautifully produced collection. ... Berg's programme is assisted by the panache of his style, and the bravery of his existential philosophy." --Stride Magazine

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