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Charles Ives Remembered

An Oral History

Interweaving photographs, concert programs, scores, and drawings with the texts of more than fifty interviews with family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues, Charles Ives Remembered is a vivid memory portrait of an enigmatic American composer, told in the voices of the people who knew him best.

Charles Ives (18741954) was publicly an insurance executive but privately a composer whose eccentric works and paradoxical life would intrigue, perplex, and inspire generations to come after him. Moving from Ives's childhood and years at Yale to his business and musical careers, the memories and reflections assembled in this Kinkeldey Award-winning volume provide a multifaceted and humanizing view of an American musical icon.

"Charles Ives Remembered: An Oral History found a wide and enthusiastic audience when it appeared in 1974, and was awarded the Kinkeldey Prize of the American Musicological Society. Thanks to the University of Illinois Press, it is now back in print and accessible to a new generation of readers as well as its original fans. Over the intervening years, the book has become recognized as a classic of its kind, and the current reprinting will surely not be the last." --Chamber Music

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