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The Ultimate Guide to College Football

Rankings, Records, and Scores of the Major Teams and Conferences

College football's collected "tales of the tape"

From the first intercollegiate game--Rutgers vs. Princeton in 1869--through the 2003 season, James Quirk's The Ultimate Guide to College Football compiles the complete records of all 117 Division 1-A collegiate football teams. A crucial handbook for college football fans, coaches, players, sports reporters, or anyone interested in the history of college football, it collects the major team and conference records into a single volume.

This nearly five-hundred-page compendium includes the teams' locations, nicknames, school colors, conference affiliations, and even stadium capacity. It features Quirk's brief history of college football, the results of bowl games, and the final rankings of teams for each season. The Ultimate Guide to College Football also includes the All America teams, the records of service teams from more than 130 military bases and camps, an extensive list of awards, and a comprehensive history of changes to the rules.

This is the most complete and authoritative reference book on college football ever available. James Quirk's The Ultimate Guide to College Football is an essential resource for any student of the sport.

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