Cover for BASTIN: Red River Blues: The Blues Tradition in the Southeast

Red River Blues

The Blues Tradition in the Southeast
Awards and Recognition:

ASCAP Deems Taylor Award, 1987

The complete story of the origins and evolution of the black American blues tradition, drawing extensively on oral history interviews.

"The opening chapters are among the best things ever published on the blues. It's a thoughtful, substantial, solidly constructed, information packed work, and should be in every serious blues enthusiast's library. But more than that, it is a major contribution to the study of popular culture." -- Paul Oliver, Juke Blues

"A brilliant and exhaustive study of Afro-American secular music in the Southeast in this century. And it is a broader tradition, and not the blues per se, that is being examined here. . . . Bastin illuminates the importance of black string band traditions, balladry, music derived from minstrel and medicine show traditions as well as sacred forms not just as blues antecedents, but as significant parallel strains to blues in the repertories of many musicians up to the present." -- Art Rosenbaum, Georgia Historical Quarterly

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