Cover for SCHACHT: Making Sense of Nietzsche: Reflections Timely and Untimely

Making Sense of Nietzsche

Reflections Timely and Untimely

"Clearly explains some of the debates in Nietzsche scholarship. Schacht does much to avoid professional tunnel-vision and invite nonprofessionals to think about Nietzsche." --Kathleen Higgins, author of Nietzsche's "Zarathustra."

"An excellent summary and response to the current 'Nietzsche wars.' I like the way that Schacht personally attempts to expound and explain Nietzsche and take on various would-be experts and mistaken commentators." -- Robert C. Solomon, Quincy Lee Centennial Professor, University of Texas

In these essays by an acclaimed Nietzsche scholar, Nietzsche emerges as no mere polemicist and iconoclast but rather as a "genuine philosopher"--one of those rare thinkers whose thought opens the way to new understanding of things of great importance, particularly with respect to human life and its enhancement.

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