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Chicago's Grand Midway

A Walk around the World at the Columbian Exposition

It happened at the World's Fair--roam the magnificent Midway and see for yourself

Created as a centerpiece for the Columbian Exposition of 1893, the Midway Plaisance was for one summer the world's most wondrous thoroughfare. A journey along its length immersed millions of spellbound visitors in a spectacle that merged exoticism with enlightenment and artistic crafts with dizzying technical achievement.

Norman Bolotin, with Christine Laing, draws on his vast knowledge of the 1893 exposition to escort readers down the Midway. Step by step he takes you past forbidding Dahomeyans and dozens of belly dancers until, at last, you reach the colossal Ferris Wheel with cabins the size of street cars. The tour reveals the immense scale and variety of the experience in sensual detail--the thirsty crowds and pungent aromas of exotic foods, the Libbey Glass Factory and the screams from the Ice Railway, the snake charmers and the hawkers selling a thousand souvenirs. Throughout, Bolotin details how the organizers--encouraging patrons to spend a little here and a little there--brought off an extravaganza that paid its costs and achieved every one of its goals, including profitability for the fair and immortality.

"Interesting and informative. . . . The author's affection for the material and their deep knowledge of the history, layout, and nuances of the Midway attractions shine through and make for easy reading." --Journal of American Culture

"A must-have for readers fascinated by world's fairs and turn-of-the-nineteenth-century America." --Booklist

Norman Bolotin and Christine Laing manage the History Bank in Woodinville, Washington. Their books include The World's Columbian Exposition: The Chicago World's Fair of 1893.

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