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Communication Ethics in an Age of Diversity

In this volume, leading communication scholars integrate cutting-edge research with real-world dilemmas as they address ethical problems associated with technological and cultural changes and demographic shifts.

In eleven chapters, the fourteen contributors to Communication Ethics in an Age of Diversity consider the implications of these changes to communication contexts ranging from personal friendships to communication over the internet and from classroom dialogues to mass-mediated communication to community building in an age of diversity. They address specific issues associated with race, gender, ethnicity, and affectional orientation, offering specific proposals for change. Although the primary audience is scholars and teachers in communication programs, the book will be of particular interest to readers in various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, especially individuals in centers and departments of ethnic studies, women's studies, and African American studies.

CONTRIBUTORS: Julia T. Wood, Ronald C. Arnett, Josina M. Makau, Dolores V. Tanno, Barbara Paige-Pointer, Gale Auletta Young, Lea P. Stewart, James W. Chesebro, Richard L. Johannesen, Clifford G. Christians, James A. Jaksa, Michael S. Pritchard, Jana Kramer, Cheris Kramarae

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