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Butterflies of Illinois

A Field Guide

The comprehensive illustrated guide to butterflies in the Prairie State

Prairie spaces and abundant wildflowers make Illinois a lepidopterist's delight. Butterflies of Illinois offers a portable, easy-to-use guide rich with descriptions, field photography, and life-sized specimen photos of all the state's native species. It also includes:

  • identification quick guides depicting the tops and undersides of all butterfly species
  • scientific information and photos that explain life cycles, habitats, and ecology
  • range maps
  • flight period charts
  • key characteristics relevant to field identification
  • descriptions of rarely seen butterflies and irregular visitors from nearby states
  • supplemental information on various species, including collection records and unusual sightings
  • Geared toward enthusiasts and experts alike, Butterflies of Illinois is a must-have companion for any nature hike or garden walk.

    Michael R. Jeffords is the retired education/outreach director for the Illinois Natural History Survey (INHS) and was staff photographer for the Illinois Steward magazine. Susan L. Post is a retired INHS field biologist and staff writer for the Illinois Steward magazine and the author of Hiking Illinois. They are the coauthors of Curious Encounters with the Natural World, Exploring Nature in Illinois, and Illinois Wilds. James R. Wiker is a research associate of the Illinois State Museum and an affiliate of the INHS.

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