Cover for VERTINSKY: The Eternally Wounded Woman: Women, Doctors, and Exercise in the Late Nineteenth Century. Click for larger image

The Eternally Wounded Woman

Women, Doctors, and Exercise in the Late Nineteenth Century

"Vertinsky shows how pervasive was the notion that the male is the standard, the normal, and the female, deviant or inadequate. She is convincing when she musters the evidence, using exercise as her focus, to debunk the idea of the 'eternally wounded female' who cannot measure up to men."--Victorian Review

"An important addition to the rapidly expanding history of middle-class women. . . . The arguments are balanced, reasoned, and free of the diatribes that sometimes attend this subject."--Social History of Medicine

"An excellent piece of historical research."--British Medical Journal

Patricia A. Vertinsky, a professor of human kinetics at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, has published widely in sports history.

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