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Women and Music in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Considering the implications of gender on music performance

"The past fifteen years have been a time of intense scholarly interest in women, resulting in an explosion of literature that has begun to reveal the overriding effects of gender on other cultural domains. Affecting all aspects of culture, issues of sexuality, gender-related behaviors, and inter-gender relations also have profound implications for music performance. This volume represents an introduction to the field of women, music, and culture and in no way attempts to be comprehensive in its coverage nor conclusive in its implications. For example, Western classical music is not discussed here, many large world areas are not covered, nor does this volume present a comprehensive survey of all recent developments in feminist-oriented anthropology. What these essays do share is a focus on women's culture identity and musical activity, either in socially isolated performance environments or within the public arenas shared by their male counterparts."--From the preface

"The book is a valuable stimulus to ethnomusicologists to consider the centrality of gender issues for locating how society is 'in' music and music is 'in' society."--American Anthropologist

"An excellent set of essays in a new and important area of comparative musicology; for academic and general readers."--Choice

"This book is already a landmark: it has stimulated new inquiries and discussions at home and abroad and has encouraged ethnomusicologists to consider seriously the impact of gender on musicmaking, music makers, and our studies of both. Timely, thought-provoking, and highly readable, this volume takes the much-needed first step in providing data on music, women, and culture from a number of world areas."--Charlotte J. Frisbie, editor of Explorations in Ethnomusicology: Essays in Honor of David P. McAllester and author of Navajo Medicine Bundles or Jish: Acquisition, Transmission, and Disposition in the Past and Present

Ellen Koskoff is a professor of ethnomusicology at the University of Rochester's Eastman School of Music, director of ethnomusicology programs, and general editor of the Eastman/Rochester Studies in Ethnomusicology series. She is the author of A Feminist Ethnomusicology: Writings on Music and Gender and Music in Lubavitcher Life.

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