Cover for KATKIN: Beyond Pluralism: The Conception of Groups and Group Identities in America

Beyond Pluralism

The Conception of Groups and Group Identities in America

Pluralist or multiculturalist, proudly ethnic or disappearing into the melting pot, people come in all persuasions. This volume attempts to bridge the gap that has developed between pluralists and multiculturalists, advocates of the academic canon and defenders of diversity, celebrants of ethnic heritage and critics of racial ascription. Contributors explore the nation's pluralistic framework as a historical creation, looking at group relations in the United States and how they have been conceptualized in the past.

"The essays here work well together, and the quiet arguments among some of them here liven up an already interesting volume, one that presents an informative and interesting view of American group life. Those who want to better understand multicultural debates in the United States would do well to read this book." -- Jeff Spinner-Halev, Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development

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