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Platte River Road Narratives

Awards and Recognition:

Winner of an Honorable Mention from the Professional and Scholarly Publishing Association and a 1989 Western Heritage Award for Significant Scholarly Research and selected for the 1990 ALA "Best Bibliographies in History" list

This massive annotated bibliography of all known significant eyewitness accounts of 19th-century central overland travel fills a conspicuous gap in historical literature, and will greatly accelerate future research, writing, and collecting in this important phase of western Americana. Platte River Road Narratives includes not only all identifiable published overland accounts, but also a far greater number of all identifiable accounts in manuscript form only. The format for over 2,000 entries allows for systematic identification of the author, the form of the passage, overland trip highlights, and Matte's authoritative commentary and evaluation, as well as identification of the repository of the source material.

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