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Interactive Journalism

Hackers, Data, and Code

The revolution will be digitized

Emerging out of changes in technology, culture, and economics, interactive journalism is a visual presentation of storytelling that allows users to interact with the reporting of information. Today it stands at a nexus: part of the traditional newsroom, yet novel enough to contribute innovative practices and thinking to the industry.

Nikki Usher's comprehensive portrait of this new journalistic identity examines the impact of digital technology on reporting, photojournalism, graphics, and the other disciplines that define interactive journalism. Her eyewitness study ranges from the interactive creation of Al Jazeera English to the celebrated data desk at the Guardian to the New York Times' Pulitzer-endowed efforts in the new field. What emerges is a richly reported profile of the people coding a revolution that may reverse the decline and fall of traditional journalism.

"For future scholars of journalism production, this book will provide an important look at how interactive journalism--a subfield that seems likely to expand and transform in the coming decades--was practiced in the second decade of the 21st century." --Newspaper Research Journal

"Usher's book is an ambitious and foundational text for understanding this new subspecialty, and as such, it should beget a new generation of inquiry into the political economy and boundary issues it deftly raises." --New Media & Society

"As the first sustained investigation of this new form of journalism, Usher's main argument is persuasive....Her book will certainly serve as a foundational text for scholars turning their attention to this growing journalistic practice." --Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly

"A thorough and multifaceted study of the evolution of journalism and what it means for both journalists, readers and communication in general." --European Journal of Communication

"Walker-McWilliams has written a fascinating accessible biography of union organizer Rev. Addie Wyatt, whose life's work was at the intersection of organized labor, civil rights, women's rights, and the church." --Library Journal

"The future of interactive journalism will not depend on whether it can increase page views or session times, but whether it can deepen our readers' and viewers' engagement with complex issues. Nikki Usher's Interactive Journalism is a great introduction into this emerging field of journalism where the most collaborative and interdisciplinary team players will thrive."--Wolfgang Blau, Director of Digital Strategy, Chief Digital Officer, Condé Nast International

"In Interactive Journalism, Nikki Usher skillfully answers three questions rarely addressed at the same time: how are newsrooms changing with their adoption of interactive journalism, what economic and cultural factors are driving this adoption, and why new ways of telling stories may affect the impact of journalism."--James T. Hamilton, author of All the News That's Fit to Sell: How the Market Transforms Information into News

"Nikki Usher is once again on the frontline of the newsroom, with this vivid account of the rise of maker culture in online news. Expertly cutting through the techno-jargon, Usher provides the definitive portrait of interactive journalism--from its economic benefits and professional challenges to its potential to fundamentally transform how all of us see and engage with the world."--Rod Benson, New York University

Nikki Usher is an assistant professor at the George Washington University's School of Media and Public Affairs. She is the author of Making News at the New York Times.

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