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Photomontage, the combining of two or more negatives, can be traced back to the 1850s. Scott Mutter is a modern master of the art. His subtle images have enthralled viewers in exhibitions and galleries for more than a decade.

Although his work shares the recursive wit of Reneacute; Magritte an M. C. Escher, Mutter never relies simply upon ironic effects. With precision and authority his art explores the ideals and mythologies of our culture, history, language, and art, both lamenting and celebrating contemporary civilization.

"Mutter's work is extraordinary and categorically unique."--Saul Bass

"Quite incongruous elements often find a compatible home when artfully, thoughtfully combined. Those two words - care and thought - form the backbone of Mutter's art."--Catherine Reeve, The World & I

"Always on the edge of Mutter's works is an eerie, apocalyptical feeling. This aura comes from Mutter's interest in the two forces that act upon human beings: the natural world and the world that humans have built around themselves. Mutter achieves the element of surprise by melting the antithetical images together in a realistic way, so that the eye accepts what the head doubts."--April Austin, Christian Science Monitor

Scott Mutter is a photomontage artist living in Chicago. His work has been exhibited internationally, including at the International Airport in San Francisco and at the opening of the Beam Performing Arts Center in Tokyo. His photographs have appeared in Hollywood set designs, in psychology, English literature, and photography textbooks, and in magazines and newspapers including the Chicago Tribune, Print Magazine, Darkroom Photography, Harper's and Japan Avenue. Martin Krause is the curator of prints, photographs, and drawings at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

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