Cover for HOROWITZ: Beyond Left and Right: Insurgency and the Establishment

Beyond Left and Right

Insurgency and the Establishment

"As a study of modern American political culture, Beyond Left and Right gets high marks. This is an extremely readable book. It should quickly become a basic source, especially beneficial to scholars who are researching modern American political history. Lay readers with an interest in American politics should find it informative and accessible. Horowitz explains his ideas in clear direct prose, free of jargon." -- LeRoy Ashby, author of William Jennings Bryan: Champion of Democracy

Beyond Left and Right is a sweeping overview of political insurgency in the United States from the 1880s to the present. It is at once a stunning synthesis, drawing on a large number of scholarly works, and an ambitious and original piece of research. The book ranges over diverse individuals and groups that have attacked the established order, from the left and the right, from the Populists of the 1890s to Ross Perot and the religious right of our times, dealing along the way with non-interventionists, Klans, monetary radicals, McCarthyites, Birchers, and Reaganites, among many others.

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