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New German Dance Studies

A trans-Atlantic inquiry into German dance studies

New German Dance Studies offers fresh histories and theoretical inquiries that resonate across fields of the humanities. Sixteen essays range from eighteenth-century theater dance to popular contemporary dances in global circulation. In an exquisite trans-Atlantic dialogue that demonstrates the complexity and multilayered history of German dance, American and European scholars and artists elaborate on definitive performers and choreography, focusing on three major thematic areas: Weimar culture and its afterlife, the German Democratic Republic, and recent conceptual trends in theater dance.

Contributors are Maaike Bleeker, Franz Anton Cramer, Kate Elswit, Susanne Franco, Susan Funkenstein, Jens Richard Giersdorf, Yvonne Hardt, Sabine Huschka, Claudia Jeschke, Marion Kant, Gabriele Klein, Karen Mozingo, Tresa Randall, Gerald Siegmund, and Christina Thurner.

"Rich in illuminating historical detail. . . . pulsating with freshness of perception, and very well documented with abundant and quite valuable endnotes." --H-German

“Regardless of the areas within which we teach or practice, this book has something valuable to contribute. . . . A remarkable body of work in German dance over the past three centuries.”--Journal of Dance Education

"How exciting it is to have this elegantly organized collection of new theories of dance, performance, and culture as they are being developed in Germany. The field urgently needs this anthology, which gives readers a marvelous grasp of the complex history of German dance and the new methodologies that are being developed there."--Susan Leigh Foster, author of Choreographing Empathy: Kinesthesia in Performance

"New German Dance Studies fills a research gap in English-speaking countries regarding the direction dance studies has taken in a German context. A useful compendium of the various personalities and new theories about how to approach modern research in the field."--Helga Kraft, coeditor of Writing against Boundaries: Nationality, Ethnicity, and Gender in the German-speaking Context

Susan Manning is a professor of English, theatre, and performance studies at Northwestern University and the author of Ecstasy and the Demon: The Dances of Mary Wigman. Lucia Ruprecht teaches German literature and culture at Cambridge University and is the author of Dances of the Self in Heinrich von Kleist, E.T.A. Hoffmann, and Heinrich Heine.

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