Cover for CALDERÓN: Eight Dramas of Calderon

Eight Dramas of Calderón

Still marvelously provocative and entertaining, this plays in Fitzgerald’s wonderful English translation are once again made available together in paperback--another new volume in the HISPANISMS series.

Pedro Calderón de la Barca (1600-81) was one of the great poets and dramatists of Spain's golden age, a rival of Cervantes and Lope de Vega. His work, like that of his contemporary Velásquez, mirrors perfectly the society of his time. It also captures certain defining qualities of the Spanish mind: its strong sense of faith and honor, its mystical and romantic bias, and its finely tuned historical consciousness.

Staples of Spanish golden age drama, Calderón's plays remain superb entertainment. Marking the 400th anniversary of the playwright's birth, this reissue of Edward Fitzgerald's masterful translations includes The Mighty Magician, a Faustian story of religious conversion; The Painter of His Own Dishonor, a tale of jealousy that reflects the strict Spanish honor code; and Calderón's symbolic and philosophical masterpiece, Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made Of.

"This handsomely produced volume brings together the plays published in FitzGerald's 1853 edition of Six Dramas of Calderón, plus the two works privately printed in 1865, The Mightly Magician and Such Stuff as Dreams are Made Of.Overall FitzGerald's versions are written in good Shakespearean pastiche, and eminently stageable." -- Eamonn Rodgers, Times Literary Supplement

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