Cover for CAREY: The Federalist: Design for a Constitutional Republic

The Federalist

Design for a Constitutional Republic

"Throughout this scrupulously researched interpretation of The Federalist papers, Carey provides a glimpse of our Republic's original design. He shows us what kind of federal union The Federalist's authors had in mind, and indicates how we have strayed from their intent." -- Paul Gottfried, National Review

"The best book yet published on The Federalist." -- Paul Peterson, The Review of Politics

"Serious scholars of American politics will find it stimulating and useful in deepening their own understanding of the American regime." -- Charles E. Umbanhowar, Perspectives on Political Science

"Likely to become a classic in its own right. The Federalist is excellent: well organized, carefully considered, incisive, lucid, concise, and masterful." -- Ellis Sandoz, author of A Government of Laws: Political Theory, Religion, and the American Founding

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