Cover for HICKEN: Illinois in the Civil War

Illinois in the Civil War

Victor Hicken tells the richly detailed story of the common soldiers who marched from Illinois to fight and die on Civil War battlefields. The second edition of the 1966 classic includes a new preface, twenty-four illustrations, and a twenty-five-page addendum to the bibliography that provides many new sources of information on Illinois regiments.

"Of the spate of centennial histories of state participation in the Civil War, this volume is one of the ablest. In this well-documented study author Victor Hicken has, by extensive use of soldiers' diaries, reminiscences, private correspondence, and numerous regimental histories, succeeded in re-creating the raw emotions of the people of Illinois in the crisis of the republic."--Warren W. Hassler, Jr., American Historical Review

"Hicken manages the logistical feat of working all manner of fascinating minutiae about the sons of Illinois into the broad story of the war itself. . . . a substantial and spirited piece of work."--Louis M. Starr, Journal of American History

"If you want a well-told story of the war in the West, this is it, for Illinois troops were in the thick of things . . . this easily ranks as one of the best of the Centennial-inspired state war histories. It may well be the best."--Richard D. Harwell, Civil War Times Illustrated

Victor Hicken was Distinguished Professor of History at Western Illinois University before his retirement.

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