Cover for WILCOX: Women Poets of Spain, 1860-1990: Toward a Gynocentric Vision

Women Poets of Spain, 1860-1990

Toward a Gynocentric Vision
Awards and Recognition:

A CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title, 1998.

This is the first volume--in English or Spanish--to analyze the work of the principal women poets of Modern Spain. In it, John Wilcox draws on recent feminist critical theory and shows how Spanish poetry by women is not just a modern phenomenon but an ignored tradition whose roots reach back to the very beginnings of poetry of the Iberian Peninsula.

Wilcox offers a brief overview of pre-1860s poetry and a reevaluation of the work of Rosalía de Castro (1837-85), "the one modern Spanish woman poet who has not been ignored." Also discussed are women poets of the male-dominated Generation of 1927, including Ernestina de Champourcin and Concha Méndez; and representative women poets of the Franco era (1939-75: Carmen Conde, Concha Zardoya, Angela Figuera, and Gloria Fuertes) and the post-Franco era (Francisa Aguirre, María Victoria Atencia, Clara Janés, Amparo Amorós, Ana Rossetti, and Blanca Andréu).

Wilcox's volume will be essential reading for everyone in love with the music of Spanish literature.

Publication of this book was supported in part by a grant from the Program for Cultural Cooperation between Spain's Ministry of Culture and United States' Universities.

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