Cover for GARDINER: Provoking Agents: Gender and Agency in Theory and Practice

Provoking Agents

Gender and Agency in Theory and Practice

"A major contribution in women's studies and in other disciplines dealing with issues of agency. The authors raise issues that are very important . . . and they raise them as they must be raised--by bridging theory and action." -- Kathryn Pine Addelson, author of Moral Passages: Toward a Collectivist Moral Theory

Both the women's liberation movement and those who have studied it characterize agency as the capacity to make change in individual consciousness, personal lives, and society. The seventeen contributors to Provoking Agents explore whether--and how--feminist theory, writing, and other social practices can help readers move beyond seeing women as a powerless group to effecting changes in their own lives and, ultimately, becoming social activists. Topics in this multi-disciplinary collection range from maternal surrogacy to writing, from consciousness-raising to AIDS activism, from pornography to local organizing

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