Cover for FREDRICKSON: The Inner Civil War: Northern Intellectuals and the Crisis of the Union

The Inner Civil War

Northern Intellectuals and the Crisis of the Union

The Inner Civil War is a classic that has influenced historians' views of the Civil War and American intellectual change in the nineteenth century. This edition includes a new preface in which the author demonstrates the continuing relevance of the work and updates its interpretations.

"A classic in the cultural history of the Civil War era. . . . A bold, provocative interpretation of the war's impact in transforming the ideas of northern intellectuals toward social organization, reform, and institutions in American life."--James M. McPherson, Princeton University

George M. Fredrickson, Edgar E. Robinson Professor of United States History at Stanford University, is the author of two award-winning books, The Black Image in the White Mind: The Debate on Afro-American Character and Destiny and White Supremacy: A Comparative Study in American and South African History.

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