Cover for DANKY: Print Culture in a Diverse America

Print Culture in a Diverse America

Awards and Recognition:

Winner of the Carey McWilliams Award given by MultiCultural Review, 1999.

In the modern era there arose a prolific and vibrant print culture--books, newspapers, and magazines issued by and for diverse, often marginalized, groups. This long-overdue collection offers a unique foray into the multicultural world of reading and readers in the United States.

Interdisciplinary essays examine the many ways print culture functions within different groups; they link gender, class, and ethnicity to the uses and goals of a wide variety of publications; and they explore the role print materials play in constructing certain historical events, such as the Titanic disaster.

"Each of the essays . . . provide a fascinating insight into a field often ignored by media historians." -- Margaret A. Blanchard, Communications Bulletin Quarterly

"Despite the diversity of topics and periods covered in this essay collection, it hangs together well as a book trying to address some neglected areas of research while fitting in to an established historiographical framework. . . .I would encourage anyone interested in any aspect of the print culture of the modern United States to pick up this book." -- Journal of the Printing Historical Society

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