Introductions to Mormon Thought

Acquiring Editor: Alison K. Syring
Series Editors: Matthew Bowman and Joseph Spencer

This series offers short reassessments (40,000–45,000 words) of leading figures in the development of Latter-day Saint thought and culture, synthesizing and systematizing their contributions and influence. It is a project that grows out of the blossoming of Mormon academic studies in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century that attempts to draw together work done on Mormonism as well as to forge new scholarly directions. Therefore, series editors are interested not only in work on recognized figures, but also in projects that press at the boundaries of who has traditionally been considered a Mormon intellectual and what has traditionally been considered "Mormon thought," including ex- and schismatic Mormons, Mormons in underrepresented groups, and others not often included in the magisterial tradition of Mormon theology. The series thus offers an expansive definition of what might be considered "Mormon thought" and seeks to demonstrate how that form of Mormonism has interacted both with the world and itself.

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