Studies in Sensory History

Studies in Sensory History will galvanize a burgeoning field of scholarship by publishing and promoting work on the history of the senses from ancient times to the twenty-first century throughout the world. Books in the series will examine the relevance of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching to the principal developments of antiquity and the pre-Enlightenment era, and they will explore ways in which the senses interacted with and informed developments typically associated with "modernity" -- class, race, and gender conventions; industrialization; urbanization; colonization; imperialism; and nationalism. The series will publish work on all regions -- non-Western as well as Euro-American -- and from all time periods. Methodologically, the series aims to publish works that deal not simply with the way people thought about the senses but also the full social and cultural contexts of those experiences.

This series is closed.

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Sonic Persuasion

Reading Sound in the Recorded Age

Author: Greg Goodale
Pub Date: April 2011

How to interpret identity, culture, and history in sound   learn more...