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Literature, European

link to catalog page BURTON, Computing in the Social Sciences and Humanities Author: Edited by Orville Vernon Burton
Pub Date: May 2002

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link to catalog page KRAUS, Dicta and Contradicta Author: Karl Kraus
Pub Date: June 2001

A collection of scandalous and humorous wit from Vienna's answer to Oscar Wilde, Karl Kraus used aphorisms as part of his running commentary on the ferment of his own culture   learn more...

link to catalog page VILLIERS, Tomorrow's Eve Author: Villiers de l’Isle-Adam
Pub Date: December 2001

A captivating fable, even after 100 years   learn more...

link to catalog page JULES-ROSETTE, Black Paris

Black Paris

The African Writers' Landscape

Author: Bennetta Jules-Rosette
Pub Date: 2000

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link to catalog page JOHNSON, Cervantes and the Material World Author: Carroll B. Johnson
Pub Date: May 2000

In this first volume in the new HISPANISMS series, Johnson illuminates Cervantes’ Don Quixote on the side of materialism--in contrast to the highly idealistic perspective one usually takes of the knight-errant and his adventures.   learn more...

link to catalog page EBERLY, Citizen Critics

Citizen Critics

Literary Public Spheres

Author: Rosa A. Eberly
Pub Date: February 2000

How four rancorous censorship debates changed the way we talk about controversial books   learn more...

link to catalog page CALDERON, Eight Dramas of Calderón Author: Pedro Calderón de la Barca
Pub Date: May 2000

Still marvelously provocative and entertaining, this plays in Fitzgerald’s wonderful English translation are once again made available together in paperback--another new volume in the HISPANISMS series.   learn more...

link to catalog page GEROULD, The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead

The History of a Folk Story

Author: Gordon Hall Gerould Introduction by Norm Cohen
Pub Date: June 2000

An early example of folklore scholarship, also a highly readable and fascinating collection chronicling the recurring legends of the Grateful Dead (from which, by the way, the rock band did get its name).   learn more...

link to catalog page RUBIN, Jewish Gangsters of Modern Literature Author: Rachel Rubin
Pub Date: April 2000

A look at the Jewish gangster between the wars (focusing on the Russian writer, Isaac Babel, and Americans Gold, Ornitz, and Fuchs but also taking into consideration cartoons, movies, and modernist painting), Rubin sees the “gangster” as a way Jewish writers could examine their place in world literature.   learn more...

link to catalog page PADEN, Medieval Lyric

Medieval Lyric

Genres in Historical Context

Author: Edited by William D. Paden
Pub Date: April 2000

Opens up not only a reconsideration of genre in medieval European lyric, this book also re-examines the notion of “genre” itself, showing that it should be considered as an historical phenomenon influenced by the cultures in which the lyrics arose.   learn more...

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