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link to catalog page LUCASSEN, The Immigrant Threat

The Immigrant Threat

The Integration of Old and New Migrants in Western Europe since 1850

Author: Leo Lucassen
Pub Date: November 2005

Common threads in the long-term integration experience of migrants, past and present   learn more...

link to catalog page, Living Walden Two

Living Walden Two

B. F. Skinner's Behaviorist Utopia and Experimental Communities

Author: Hilke Kuhlmann
Pub Date: June 2005

The secret life of Utopias and Utopians   learn more...

link to catalog page PLECK, Domestic Tyranny

Domestic Tyranny

The Making of American Social Policy against Family Violence from Colonial Times to the Present

Author: Elizabeth Pleck
Pub Date: March 2004

Chronicling the rise and demise of legal, feminist, and medical campaigns against domestic violence from colonial times to the present   learn more...

link to catalog page ADDAMS, My Friend, Julia Lathrop Author: Jane Addams
Pub Date: February 2004

The biography of one Jane Addams' best friends, written after Julia Lathrop’s death   learn more...

link to catalog page GANZ, Pots of Promise

Pots of Promise

Mexicans and Pottery at Hull-House, 1920-40

Author: Edited by Cheryl R. Ganz and Margaret Strobel
Pub Date: May 2004

Presenting the Mexican artisans of Hull House and the history of its kilns and pottery   learn more...

link to catalog page BAUER, Science or Pseudoscience

Science or Pseudoscience

Magnetic Healing, Psychic Phenomena, and Other Heterodoxies

Author: Henry H. Bauer
Pub Date: 2004

A book that all scientists should read, and a book that all who are interested in the unexplainable will want to read, Bauer explores how examining anomalies have profited humankind and restores the respectability--and necessity--of such pursuits in a fascinating overview of science and the pursuit of the unknown.   learn more...

link to catalog page HERRING, Skin Deep

Skin Deep

How Race and Complexion Matter in the "Color-Blind" Era

Author: Edited by Cedric Herring, Verna M. Keith, and Hayward Derrick Horton
Pub Date: August 2004

A collection of essays questioning the truth of American’s color-blind society from outside and inside communities of color.   learn more...

link to catalog page WAETJEN, Workers and Warriors

Workers and Warriors

Masculinity and the Struggle for Nation in South Africa

Author: Thembisa Waetjen
Pub Date: June 2004

Using South Africa as a case study this book explores how the politics of masculinity and gender power are at the heart of tensions in nation building   learn more...

link to catalog page, All Abraham's Children

All Abraham's Children

Changing Mormon Conceptions of Race and Lineage

Author: Armand L. Mauss
Pub Date: April 2003

Example of Mormon beliefs and behavior towards minorities   learn more...

link to catalog page MEIER, Along the Color Line

Along the Color Line

Explorations in the Black Experience

Author: August Meier and Elliott Rudwick
Pub Date: November 2003

New paperback edition of a classic in African American history   learn more...

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