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link to catalog page, The Real Cyber War
E-book Sale: $14.95

The Real Cyber War

The Political Economy of Internet Freedom

Author: Shawn M. Powers and Michael Jablonski
Pub Date: April 2015

How the freedom-to-connect movement aids Western hegemony   learn more...

link to catalog page, Sophonisba Breckinridge
E-book Sale: $14.95

Sophonisba Breckinridge

Championing Women's Activism in Modern America

Author: Anya Jabour
Pub Date: September 2019

The accomplished life and tireless work of a feminist educator and reformer   learn more...

link to catalog page, Autism and Gender
E-book Sale: $19.95

Autism and Gender

From Refrigerator Mothers to Computer Geeks

Author: Jordynn Jack
Pub Date: May 2014

The first ever study of how conceptions of gender influence debates about autism   learn more...

link to catalog page, Global Masculinities and Manhood
E-book Sale: $19.95
Author: Edited by Ronald L. Jackson II and Murali Balaji
Pub Date: Cloth: 2012; Paper: August 2013

What makes a man, within his own culture   learn more...

link to catalog page, Scandinavians in Chicago
E-book Sale: $19.95

Scandinavians in Chicago

The Origins of White Privilege in Modern America

Author: Erika K. Jackson
Pub Date: January 2019

The story of an immigrant group considered white on arrival   learn more...

link to catalog page, Squeeze This!
E-book Sale: $14.95

Squeeze This!

A Cultural History of the Accordion in America

Author: Marion Jacobson
Pub Date: Cloth: 2012; Paper: February 2015

Everything you wanted to know about piano accordions in America--but were afraid to ask   learn more...

Picturing Illinois

Twentieth-Century Postcard Art from Chicago to Cairo

Author: John A. Jakle and Keith A. Sculle
Pub Date: Cloth: 2012; Paper: February 2014

Reading the messages on postcards from Illinois   learn more...

link to catalog page, Lois McMaster Bujold
E-book Sale: $14.95
Author: Edward James
Pub Date: July 2015

A full-length study of one of the most popular contemporary writers of science fiction and fantasy   learn more...

link to catalog page, Hoedowns, Reels, and Frolics
E-book Sale: $14.95

Hoedowns, Reels, and Frolics

Roots and Branches of Southern Appalachian Dance

Author: Phil Jamison
Pub Date: July 2015

From cakewalks to clogging, a new history of a vital American art form   learn more...

link to catalog page, Unbound Spirit
E-book Sale: $19.95

Unbound Spirit

Letters of Flora Belle Jan

Author: Flora Belle Jan
Pub Date: January 2009

The inner life of a sensitive and ambitious woman--an exceptional Chinese American flapper, writer, and journalist   learn more...

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