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link to catalog page, Other People's Stories

Other People's Stories

Entitlement Claims and the Critique of Empathy

Author: Amy Shuman
Pub Date: 2010

A critical assessment of collective memories, small world stories, and other allegories of everyday life   learn more...

link to catalog page, Our Cannibals, Ourselves Author: Priscilla L. Walton
Pub Date: October 2004

A look at the clashes between European and non-European cultures across the diaspora   learn more...

link to catalog page, Out in Theory

Out in Theory

The Emergence of Lesbian and Gay Anthropology

Author: Edited by Ellen Lewin and William L. Leap
Pub Date: August 2002

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link to catalog page, Overshoot


The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change

Author: William R. Catton, Jr.
Pub Date: 1982

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