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link to catalog page, Locomotive to Aeromotive

Locomotive to Aeromotive

Octave Chanute and the Transportation Revolution

Author: Simine Short
Pub Date: Cloth: 2011; Paper: August 2014

The first in-depth look at an influential engineer and aviation pioneer   learn more...

link to catalog page, Lois McMaster Bujold Author: Edward James
Pub Date: July 2015

A full-length study of one of the most popular contemporary writers of science fiction and fantasy   learn more...

link to catalog page, Long Time, No See Author: Beth Finke
Pub Date: September 2004

A fascinating and inspiring biography of an extraordinary ordinary woman dealing with much more than a fair share of life’s challenges   learn more...

link to catalog page, Lorado Taft

Lorado Taft

The Chicago Years

Author: Allen Stuart Weller Edited by Robert G. La France and Henry Adams with Stephen P. Thomas
Pub Date: October 2014

The story of the great sculptor's artistic zenith   learn more...

link to catalog page, Los Romeros

Los Romeros

Royal Family of the Spanish Guitar

Author: Walter Aaron Clark
Pub Date: July 2018

The fascinante biography of a musical dynasty   learn more...

link to catalog page, Loser Sons

Loser Sons

Politics and Authority

Author: Avital Ronell
Pub Date: Cloth: 2012; Paper: September 2013

A chip off the old block, and a disastrous chip on the shoulder   learn more...

link to catalog page, Lost in the USA

Lost in the USA

American Identity from the Promise Keepers to the Million Mom March

Author: Deborah Gray White
Pub Date: April 2017

Why Americans marched into the new millennium   learn more...

link to catalog page, Lost Sounds

Lost Sounds

Blacks and the Birth of the Recording Industry, 1890-1919

Author: Tim Brooks
Pub Date: Cloth: 2004; Paper: 2005

Biographies of the first African-American recording stars, and how they succeeded against tremendous odds   learn more...

link to catalog page, Lou Harrison Author: Leta E. Miller and Fredric Lieberman
Pub Date: June 2006

His life, works, and place in the history of twentieth-century American music   learn more...

link to catalog page, The Loyal West

The Loyal West

Civil War and Reunion in Middle America

Author: Matthew E. Stanley
Pub Date: February 2017

How an American borderland broke apart and pulled back together   learn more...

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